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General interests: art/design, user experience/user interface, front-end design/dev, human-computer interaction, computer mediated communication, cognitive science, psychology, education, teaching, music, language, youth development, gender/sexual diversity issues, writing

Disorganized wall of text on academic interests: Human computer interfaces, unobtrusive ways of introducing multisensory input, and whether such interfaces affect cognitive gains. How body movement (proprioception?) and sensory input affect the encoding and processing of information in the brain. High-level effects of computing/robotics on social behavior, social cognition and mental health; investigating the presence of brain-level differences between information processing performed online and off. Computing as it relates to interpersonal relationships, emotional dysregulation, attachment and cognitive style, mood/personality/anxiety and autism spectrum disorders; Therapeutic uses of computers/robots for enhancing general well-being and treatment of disorders; Multicultural user interface and user experience design; Impact of culture on behavior and cognition.