Regularly updated!

  1. Make something small and pretty for dribbble portfolio.
  2. Clear your inbox.
  3. Coursera.
  4. Draw thumbnails for Nuzlocke.
  5. Draw pages for Nuzlocke.
  6. Compliment someone!
  7. Write poetry.
  8. Meditate.
  9. Write the first few lines of code for a project. (current: website overhaul)
  10. Listen to this awesome LOTR audiobook.
  11. Take a walk outdoors.
  12. Take a walk indoors.
  13. Sing along to a song you know the lyrics to.
  14. Practice aikido rolls.
  15. Do some push-ups.
  16. Sit-ups!
  17. Planks!
  18. Duolingo.
  19. Draw a short comic.
  20. Clean.
  21. Compliment people some more!
  22. Work on clearing your backlog of photos.
  23. Take an extra shift at work.
  24. Scrape some data off a website, just for fun.
  25. Talk to family or friends.
  26. Draw a self-portrait.
  27. Did I mention compliment people? Getting food with them and learning about their lives also works.